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  • Fullname:Ömür BURUK
  • Email:burukomur@gmail.com
  • GitHub:https://github.com/omurburuk
  • Work Address:Ataşehir / İstanbul


Analysing, planning, algorithm and technical design, solution oriented programming and architecture design for software projects. I work as a software project manager for the technical and structural design of mobile, web, integration applications.

Motto : “If you know do it, else learn and do it.”

C#, React, React Native, TypeScript, jQuery, .Net Core, HTML5, Bootstrap, Javascript, PHP-Codeigniter, Asp.Net, MVC, MSSQL Server, N-Tier Architecture, IIS, WCF, Web Api, Web Service, Oracle Database, Java, Android iOS Software development, MySql, Flutter


  • Experiences

  • Software Development Manager

    Yorglass - 2022 May - Curr.

    I am working as lead developer and software manager at Yorglass to develop mobile, web and integration applications.
    Lead Developer, Project Management, React Native, PHP Laravel, Docker Container, MySql, Composer, Rest Service, AWS, Trello, Redis, Elastic Search, Git

  • Senior Software Engineer

    Ziraat Technology - 2021 Oct - Curr.

    I worked as software development engineer at Ziraat Technology for develop of the web application of used by Ziraat Bank branches.
    React, C#, PL/SQL, .Net, N-tier Architecture , Fintech

  • Senior Software Consultant

    Ziraat Technology - 2019 May - Curr.

    I worked as software development consultant at Ziraat Technology for develop of the web application of used by Ziraat Bank branches.
    React, C#, PL/SQL, .Net, N-tier Architecture , Fintech

  • Software Development Engineer

    Citibank - 2017 Sep - 2018 May

    I worked on CitiMessage App for send and management smart messages, InqueryLog app for syber and data security entegrated to all developed software projects and Reporter app for view all logs in Citibank.
    I worked on Data Dictionary project for create database dictionary in 23 different apps in Citibank.
    I worked on management and design applications development software development standards with Tfs Build, Deploy, Jfrog Artifactory for all developed software projects deployment in Citibank.
    C#, Windows Form App, Visual Basic, jQuery, Bootstrap, MSSQL, T-SQL

  • Software Development Engineer

    Invenoa Software & Communication Inc - 2017 Jul - 2019 May

    I worked as software development engineer on banking, risk management system, medical archive, e commerce, video call app, android and iOS app development, content management web app, task and process management web app. My experiences is full stack web and mobile development, project responsible and team lead.
    .NET, C#, Javascript - Jquery, Java-Android, React, Web Api, MSSQL Server, T-SQL

  • Software Specialist

    2017 Jan - 2018 Jul

    C# Win Form, MSSQL, PHP(MVC Framework:Codeigniter), JavaScript-JQuery, Rest Api, MySql, Java-Android, React Native

  • Software Development Engineer

    CSA Software & Consultant - 2016 Jul - 2017 Jan

    I worked on the Support System for customer request and management, file sharing, messaging, billing, reporting on the web application. I developed on QAD erp application for stock planning, barcode reading, warehouse management, shipment management with Xamarin. Stock reports with progress programming language for corporate reports. I also developed a small application for all db configurations.
    Php, MySQL, Xamarin(Cross Platform Mobile App .NET), .Net Web Api, Progress, C# Windows Form

  • Junior Developer

    Taşpınar Software - 2015 Jun - 2015 Agu

    I worked on understanding Artificial Neural networks and card reading system. I developed a social presentation application for messaging, product and advertisement management with Asp.net.
    ASP.NET, C# Web Form, MSSQL

  • Education

  • Bachelor of Engineering

    Karadeniz Technical University - Software Engineering - 2013 - 2017

    Algorithm, data structures, object oriented programing, database management systems, create report, software requirement engineering, software development and management, mobile application development, web application development, desktop application development, software design and architecture, neutal network, software test engineering, system programing, image processing, software project management, software quality management, data security and cryptology, data mining, machine learning Create social events .

  • Bachelor Degree

    Fırat University - 2012 - 2013

    Software engineering preparatory

  • High School

    Akçaabat Technical High School - 2008 - 2012

    Algorithm, Pascal, Visual Basic, C#, Access Database, Computer Networks, Photoshop, Computer Hardware Architecture

  • Elementary School

    Salacık Elementary School - 2000 - 2008


Web Design

Web design services such as responsive design, promotion, process tracking, appointment system are provided.

Desktop Automation

Software development services are provided to facilitate your work such as gym automation, personnel tracking automation, stock tracking automation.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile promotion, document sharing, tracking software, mini game, service-based application development services are provided freelance.

Software Training

You can contact me to learn programming or to put on your existing knowledge, to get training. Web, mobile, desktop, system level programming training is provided.

Web Marketing

Editable and manageable web software service is provided where you can promote and sell your products.


Software, business analysis, documentation, project planning and consultancy support services are provided.


UML Design90%
Project Management95%








Team Leader85%


UML Design90%


React Native90%




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